Housings, switches, headlight frames

VESTODUR® in the automotive industry

All automotive applications essentially require exact dimensional stability, stable electrical properties and high strength. Our customized PBT compounds satisfy these requirements and thus provide a high degree of safety.

For the manufacture of complex headlight frame geometries with accurate fit, we offer various reinforced and non-reinforced VESTODUR® compounds that are easy to process. The finished headlight frames show high surface quality even suited for high polish chromium plating. Manufactured of a special grade they exhibit very little gassing, even at elevated service temperatures of up to 160°C, thus preventing headlights from clouding.

Housings for electronic controls, alarm systems, ignition coil housings, plug-in connectors, and fuse holders are produced from various VESTODUR® compounds. Easy-flowing, fiberglass-reinforced VESTODUR® compounds, for example, withstand high mechanical and thermal stresses. In addition they feature higher impact strength and strain at break than conventional compounds with comparable stiffness. Cases for ABS and EPS systems are made from products with flame retardant.

Pushbuttons in vehicle interiors with transparent, backlit components are best produced from VESTODUR® compounds as they bond well to overmolded transparent parts, are dimensionally stable even when subject to heat, and last for a long time, thanks to their resistance to abrasion and stress cracking.

For parts such as window lifter rails and footrests in tour buses, VESTODUR® meets the stringent rigidity and torsional strength requirements. In addition frames for sliding roofs benefit from the slow water absorption.

Chemical and temperature resistance, low tendency to creep and high creep strength, excellent flexibility and high strain at break are some of the special demands on tubes of oil dipsticks. The copolyester compounds VESTODUR® are the material of choice for these requirements. They also meet the tougher demands on hydrolysis and engine oil stability.

VESTODUR® compounds used for the barrier layer and adhesive layer in multilayer tubing MLT1000 of Evonik for fuel lines feature very good barrier efficiency and resistance to fuels (including those containing alcohol). The chemical resistance is decisive for melt-blown diesel fuel filters, too.