Specialty polybutylene terephthalate compounds


The polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds VESTODUR® comprise a series of products that have been carefully adapted to the requirements of their applications.

  • Some compounds have a low melt viscosity that is needed for injection molding applications. Others feature medium and high melt viscosities that are well suited for extrusion processing.
  • Products of the GF range are glass fiber-reinforced that increase stiffness and dimensional stability upon exposure to heat.
  • Compounds branded with FR contain non-migrating and non-corrosive flame retardants (free of brominated biphenyls or diphenylethers) permitting the production of self-extinguishing resins. These compounds are UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories), partially up to 0.4 mm wall thickness or with up to 50% regrind.
  • Flame-retardant compounds that are free of halogens and phosphorus are also available.
  • Various products are laser-markable.